How Does It Work?

Both models of EyeDirect use a patented combination of mirror and beamsplitter to guarantee eye contact with any interview subject, regardless of age or mood. Subjects see the interviewer’s face while actually looking directly into the camera’s lens.
This video shows how it works.



The Professional's Choice for Guaranteed Eye Contact

The EyeDirect ® Mark II is a patented device that offers an elegantly simple solution to a complicated problem. The Mark II was recognized at NAB by TV Technology’s Mario Award for “demonstrating forward thinking and technical excellence.” Order today for free domestic (US) ground shipping.

Key Features

  • Simple to set up, easy to use
  • No batteries or cables
  • High-quality construction: Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed eye contact: Stand out from your competition

Stars React To EyeDirect

Watch as A-list actors and filmmakers give their spontaneous and unprompted reactions to the EyeDirect upon seeing it for the first time in this promo for the BBC’s Film4 Interview Specials.

Three Easy Steps:


Select either the full size Mark II or the more portable Folding Mark E


Place your order today for domestic free shipping


Make more compelling video with eye contact from your interviews

Guaranteed Eye Contact With a Compact, Folding Design

The patented Folding Mark E offers an elegantly simple solution to a complicated problem and folds to fit in a backpack for travel ease. All the same functionality as the Mark II in a more compact design to suit DSLR, mirrorless or prosumer cameras, and it’s lightweight enough to use with a monopod or even handheld.  Order today for free US domestic ground shipping.