MSAA / Kristen Adams & Matt Bockelman


“By establishing a direct line of sight between the interview subject and the camera lens, EyeDirect delivers that coveted intimacy between the interviewee and the viewing audience.  And an added bonus, its low profile on set helps keep set-ups small and personal.  This is especially helpful for making interviewees feel relaxed and comfortable.  Our series for the MSAA “Why I Swim” campaign asked people with MS to share difficult stories about their diagnosis.  With the help of EyeDirect, it was almost as if the camera wasn’t even in the room.”  DP Matt Bockelman

“One video introduces us to Iris.  Iris was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was 26 years old. Daily swimming is helping her manage the emotional and physical impact of the disease.  Check out Why I for more on the MSAA’s program to promote swimming for people with MS.”  KRISTEN ADAMS MEDIA