REI Coastal Adventures


“For years I’ve been interviewing people on camera in the classic- look to the side of the lens fashion.  It was silly- who are they talking to?   Sometimes they would be staring at a inanimate object because I was filming as a one man band.  I have now realized the silliness of my ways.  When someone is telling a personal story- they should tell it directly to the audience- straight into the lens.  The only problem- is that it is really hard to talk naturally down a barrel of a lens.  Especially for people who are not used to being on camera.  Enter the EyeDirect.  After drooling over EyeDirect for over a year- I was finally able to obtain one.  But because I film in remote locations- I needed one that can pack up in a backpack.  The inventor Steve McWilliams worked with me to create a prototype for the first foldable EyeDirect and I had the honor of using it a couple of weeks ago.  I’m hooked!  And I really believe the production value that I can bring to a project has gone way up! Thanks to Steve McWilliams!”  Larry McLaughlin Filmmaker Extraordinaire