“I was asked to direct and shoot a television commercial for Target Department Stores, using that year’s “spokesdog” Wishbone, of PBS fame.  My challenge was to shoot something novel, that hadn’t been done in the previous 40 episodes.  I knew I wanted to have Wishbone look into the camera after responding to an off-camera voice.  The animal trainer said she could hold his look into the lens and pull him from the lens…but there was no way she could direct him to look into the lens.  I proposed a solution by using a periscope of sorts that would allow her to pull the dog’s attention directly into the lens by asking him to respond to a reflection of the trainer.  The first “dog-looker” prototype fashioned out of a pizza box then foam core, and used on the shoot day.  It worked beautifully.  No retakes, and the dog would look into the lens every time.  My producer said, “You need to patent this,” and we moved into the next stage of development for what is now known as the EyeDirect.  The show’s producer wanted my device for the rest of the season, so I felt it was a great success.”  – Steve McWilliams, EyeDirect Inventor