EyeDirect Review

“There are certain tools in our arsenal that get me really excited and I’ve got to tell you that EyeDirect is one of my favorites right now. It has completely changed the way Onion Creek has done business, and it has also gotten us a lot more authentic sound bites.” – Aaron Brown, Director, Onion Creek Productions


Are you uploading professional videos about your business to YouTube but they’re not getting traction from your customers? The problem is that video producers interview the subjects by sitting off camera and asking questions. This is an old approach that has outlived its usefulness. And it’s accidentally making your customers think your videos hate them. Today we show you why this is, and solutions to fix this problem. There’s something called the EyeDirect. ~HEY.com

EyeDirect Review ~Prospect Arts

EyeDirect is a powerful interview tool that guarantees eye contact no matter who the subject is. As storytellers, interviews are key. Not just interviews though, but powerful interviews that truly connect the story to the audience. So, we are always looking for better ways to provide an authentic connection. EyeDirect provides just that. Check out our review of this great tool to see just a little insight into the inner workings of Prospect Arts. ~Prospect Arts

How Does it Work?

The EyeDirect is a patented device designed to be placed in front of your video camera in order to guarantee eye contact between any interview subject and the lens.


“Our guys here are pretty strict about us appearing publicly next to stuff.  But I can say, just between you and me, that we’ve used the EyeDirect in the past and loved it. And we also asked people what it was like to be interviewed through the EyeDirect vs without it, and they felt more comfortable with the EyeDirect. For years I would peek over the back of the camera to try to get a direct eyeline, so your machine is great. Only reason we didn’t buy one before was that the non-folding model is cumbersome to travel with. Now that you’ve solved that, I have nothing but praise.”  Name/Company Withheld by Request  (March 2014)

(text used with permission)

Bob Carmichael, Commercial Director

“I knew that I needed to connect with my “non-actor” crew, who were all actual members of The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver for our dramatic video, and I turned to EyeDirect. I called Steve McWilliams, and through our conversation I knew his invention was what we needed. ACamera in Denver supplied the rental and we hooked it up to our Sony F55 and just rolled.  We captured in 4K so we set a master shot with the 85 Ultra Prime and let the editor push in for close ups in post. He could push in 200%.  That reduced a lot of zoom in/out commotion on the set.  My actors felt at ease seeing my face in lens, just like we’d been rehearsing. Frankly, without this device, my kids would have been lost on the first set of their young lives staring into a black void. With it they had a friend in the lens and we just tuned into each other. The results were spectacular.”  Bob Carmichael, Director

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“We were blown away by the effect it has. There is a distinct and clear difference from someone looking into a lens and someone looking into the EyeDirect MKII. The MKII delivers superior results.  We did some tests: When someone looks into the lens their eyes appear to fall short of the sensor/camera and although  they look like they are looking into the camera they appear to be not fully engaged when compared to using the EyeDirect.  The MKII allows the persons eyes to penetrate the lens/camera right onto the sensor it seems, almost beyond it even , so it feels like they are looking right into your space, living room etc. With the director sitting slightly behind the camera this effect was quite apparent.  The first time I put on the EyeDirect and  tested it , as the camera operator it was quite unnerving at first as it felt like the subject could see right into me.  So to say the least my director was very excited. Our interviews were a huge success…and it is so easy to use and set up.”  David