Bob Carmichael, Commercial Director

Broadcast / Hardware

“I knew that I needed to connect with my “non-actor” crew, who were all actual members of The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver for our dramatic video, and I turned to EyeDirect. I called Steve McWilliams, and through our conversation I knew his invention was what we needed. ACamera in Denver supplied the rental and we hooked it up to our Sony F55 and just rolled.  We captured in 4K so we set a master shot with the 85 Ultra Prime and let the editor push in for close ups in post. He could push in 200%.  That reduced a lot of zoom in/out commotion on the set.  My actors felt at ease seeing my face in lens, just like we’d been rehearsing. Frankly, without this device, my kids would have been lost on the first set of their young lives staring into a black void. With it they had a friend in the lens and we just tuned into each other. The results were spectacular.”  Bob Carmichael, Director

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