“We were blown away by the effect it has. There is a distinct and clear difference from someone looking into a lens and someone looking into the EyeDirect MKII. The MKII delivers superior results.  We did some tests: When someone looks into the lens their eyes appear to fall short of the sensor/camera and although  they look like they are looking into the camera they appear to be not fully engaged when compared to using the EyeDirect.  The MKII allows the persons eyes to penetrate the lens/camera right onto the sensor it seems, almost beyond it even , so it feels like they are looking right into your space, living room etc. With the director sitting slightly behind the camera this effect was quite apparent.  The first time I put on the EyeDirect and  tested it , as the camera operator it was quite unnerving at first as it felt like the subject could see right into me.  So to say the least my director was very excited. Our interviews were a huge success…and it is so easy to use and set up.”  David