ESPN, Variable


“The EyeDirect offers us something that any amount of preparation can’t guarantee; an authentic, direct connection from our subjects, delivered straight down the barrel of the lens.

Variable specializes in commercial and documentary work dealing primarily with real people and real stories. A big part of our creative and production process revolves around building strong relationships with our subjects since we always strive for authenticity within our body of work.  What we have learned over the years is that no matter how well you know your subject, in most cases they will still have a difficult time opening up and maintaining a consistent eye-line when cameras and lights are present. This is where the EyeDirect comes into play for us.

“This is absolutely ideal for anyone dealing with informative content since the subjects focus is directly on the viewer without any distractions. No matter the shooting circumstances, the result we continually achieve is an interview that feels organic, conversational, and most importantly, real. We’ve been using the EyeDirect for the last few years, and it’s hard to imagine shooting an informative interview without it.  The EyeDirect played immensely in our benefit while shooting a recent short documentary for ESPN entitled “No Quit.”” – Tyler Ginter, Creative Producer, Variable, New York