Mark Lyon Connects

“The EyeDirect Mark E has become essential to my process for documentary interviews, case studies, working with kids… the list goes on. But I have to admit that when I started using it, I approached it almost as a gimmick, just a way of getting a nice consistent to-camera eyeline. But very quickly, I realized that this amazing device is much more than a gimmick.

I have found that using the EyeDirect helps me create a unique space, a private world that my interviewee and I find ourselves in. The normal distractions of a film set seem to drop away, leaving two people in a protected place, where we can freely share stories and ideas. The intensity of this space can be powerful, and I don’t enter it lightly. In fact, one thing to know about the EyeDirect: Be ready to bring your A-game, because while its sacred space can provoke powerful moments of candor, it can also highlight any lack of connection. The chemistry is powerful, and the process needs to be approached with respect. In that context, it can be amazing—it gives me a chance to get in touch with why I wanted to tell stories with film in the first place.”
—Mark Lyon