“This is a powerful direct-to-camera video of stories told by clients and staff of the Nexus Recovery Center.” – Steve McWilliams, Director/Camera



“The EyeDirect is an amazing interview tool that every documentary filmmaker should be aware of.  It allows you to shoot looking-in-the-lens shots of interview subjects effortlessly, so the subject is talking directly to the viewer.  This style of shooting is often hard to achieve with “real people”, but the EyeDirect makes it simple so you can conduct a one-on-one interview with your subject looking into the lens the entire time.  The result is some of the most honest and emotional interview footage you’ve ever seen.  There are times I want a standard “third person” interview, and there are times I want the impact of the direct eye contact interview, in those instances I always use the EyeDirect.”  Stewart Mayer, Director/Cameraman


Nourish Creative

“I’ve been wanting to write and share how pleased we are with the Mark II. We literally made our money back on the first week of ownership.  I can’t forget the look of delight in the subject’s eyes when they first see another face in the EyeDirect and realize they just have to have a simple conversation with me. They immediately relax and forget about being “on camera.”  Shortly after receiving the EyeDirect I headed out on the road doing six interviews in six national cities in eight days! Every time the case came zipping off the baggage carousel I cringed a bit. I had not one problem or broken mirror during the entire trip.”   Daniel deMoulin, Director/Producer  Nourish Creative San Rafael CA