EyePrompter Teleprompter/Autocue


Free domestic ground shipping only.  EyePrompter is primarily built to arrive at your location, unbroken.  It is a folding teleprompter for tablets and phones.  Larger than most tablet prompters, the EyePrompter gives the producer/director a wider field of view in tight set ups.  With a folding construction and the addition of the coreplast inserts, every effort has been made so when properly packed… the EyePrompter will arrive intact.  You can’t say that for most teleprompters.

It folds to the size of a thick laptop and uses a high quality glass beamplitter.  The EyePrompter has a padded, zippered carrying case and a baby spud adapter for mounting the unit in front of camera, on your baby stand.

See the EyePrompter build here.




Watch a 60 second ‘build’ of the EyePrompter.




The unit folds for setup in less than 60 seconds.  Tablet and software are not included.  Tablet size up to 8.25 inches (210mm) x 11 inches (280mm)

8 inches (203mm) x 9.25 (235mm)  x 12 (305mm) when built to shoot.

12 inches (305mm) x 12 (305mm) x 1.5 (38mm) when folded flat.

100mm lens port hole


Easy Set Up, Use anywhere, No Power required….. add Ipad, start up your PrompterPal App and away you go.

  • For Autocue an Ipad is required plus another IOS device to control the Autocue.
  • App’s for Ipad Autocue recommended by Eyedirect are PrompterPal ( Ipad only- $6.49 App Store) and Prompter Remote ( Iphone/Ipad- Free )
  • Control Ipad Autocue from your Iphone…scroll speed, rewind, reset, speed control etc.
  • Upload pre-written script or type it directly into PrompterPal.
  • Adjustable Font sizes, speed, color + many options.






Additional information


BMSPLIT-SL, T.118", 3mm, RC L10.50", W10.125", 2S:HEA,50T50R


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